Fehmarn – holidays at the beach

The most beautiful beaches of the island of Fehmarn

You will get to know the different beaches of Fehmarn in the following descriptions in order to help you decide where to go. At the end of each text you will find the advantages of each place listed to give you a quick overview.

Grüner Brink

Grüner Brink

The spacious beach Grüner Brink is situated in the northern part of Fehmarn close to Puttgarden and the nature reserve Grüner Brink. There is a free car park but you can also come via the beautiful bicycle track along the dunes. Because of the wind blowing from the direction of Denmark this beach is particularly suitable for kite boarding and wind surfing. Here you can even find an extra area for a relaxed start so that you don´t need to worry that you disturb other swimmers. Besides, there are many bird watchers because migrating birds come for a stopover in spring and autumn. This spacious beach is also suitable for families looking for a spot to relax. Different currents have created several sandbanks so that even small children can get into the water easily and enjoy it. You can relax sitting in a traditional beach chair, in a beach shell or in a lovely corner in the dunes. An ideal place to lean back in privacy. There are neither activities nor snack bars, thus making this beach an ideal spot for all lovers of the nature looking for peace and quietness. As the beach is watched by the lifeguard DLRG you need a valid ticket “Ostseecard” or you must buy a day ticket at the vending machine. There is also a special beach for dogs.

To sum it up: suitable for families, water sports; dogs; public toilet; traditional beach chairs; lifeguard DLRG.

Wulfener Steilküste

This romantic and quiet stretch of natural beach has a length of roughly one mile and is situated one kilometre from the village Wulfen. There are no water sports activities – those are offered at the neighbouring beach Wulfener Hals. You will only hear the play of waves and the cries of seagulls. On the beach you will discover many pebbles and blue mussels, and a nature trail providing information about sand martins as you walk along. This path follows the shore where the sand martins nest in the cliff. Signs display information about these birds. This beach is the favourite destination for families with dogs. Sitting on the beach in quiet you feel protected by the towering cliff which shelters this place creating a cosy atmosphere.  This section of beach located at the south-eastern coast of Fehmarn without the remotest touch of tourism invites the nature loving holiday maker.

To sum it up: suitable for families; dogs; toilets,

Südstrand Burgtiefe

Südstrand Luftaufnahme

The South Beach (Südstrand) on Fehmarn is close to Burg, the main town of the island.  Due to the clear water and the white sand it is one of the most beautiful beaches on Fehmarn. Because of the shallow water it offers easy access into the water especially for small children. This and the fact that the beach is watched by the lifeguard DLRG makes it a  favourite one for families. The rental service Wassersport-Fehmarn.de offers pedaloes with slides, and boards for stand-up paddling. For a perfect day at the beach you can rent a traditional beach chair and buy everything necessary at the promenade next to the beach. For this beach you need a valid ticket “Ostseecard” or you must buy a day ticket at the vending machine. To round off the day you may enjoy a cocktail at a beach bar watching the sun set.

To sum it up: suitable for relaxation, families, water sports; shower; toilets; gastronomy; lifeguard DLRG and beach chairs.

Meeschendorfer Strand

This beach in the South of Fehmarn is divided into two sections: a guarded one and an unguarded one. The unguarded beach is rather quiet and you will find some privacy there. The guarded beach is a place for families and for campers as there is a big camping site just behind the dunes. However, many small bays still present quieter spots for visitors. It is advisable to bring your own provision and equipment for the day as there is no beach promenade nearby. Therefore, there is no loud mass tourism and you can enjoy a perfect day at the beach in a relaxed atmosphere. For a change, you could try out surfing or stand-up paddling at the surfing school, or you could do a trial lesson at the diving school. You will also find many cycling tracks and a playground nearby.

To sum it up: suitable relaxation, families; shower; toilets; gastronomy; lifeguard DLRG and beach chairs.

Naturstrand Gold

The natural beach Gold in the south-west of the island of Fehmarn is more grass than sand. Nevertheless, its shallow water makes it a favourite beach for families with young children. The young ones love that they can play safely in the easily warmed up low water. This beach is also well-liked by surfers and sailors because of the often strong going winds. This spot is perfect for the beginner, advanced and professional surfer alike because it has a wide stretch of low water to stand in and further out deep water for sailing. If you don´t do water sports you can walk along the coastline and enjoy the untouched nature. There is a restaurant just round the corner where you can get meals from early morning till late at night. As the beach Gold is a natural beach it is very important to keep it clean and tidy, hence, dogs have to be put on a leash. This beach is an ideal place to spend a long day at the sea or at least a few hours in peace and quietness.

To sum it up: suitable for relaxation, water sports; gastronomy; toilets, dogs.

Flügger Strand

Flügger Strand on the west coast of Fehmarn is a natural beach which consists of a mix of stones, sand and algae. This beach is very extensive and it is fairly easy to find a perfect place for the day. As the water is quite shallow you can even walk to the sandbank, which makes the beach well-liked and well-known among friends of camping. A big campsite and several holiday apartments are just behind the dunes. Visitors to the beach are mostly families with young children and elderly couples with or without dogs. Beach Flügge is a very quiet place with nature being the most important feature. As the beach Flügger Strand is several kilometres long it is perfect for long walks along the coastline. You can choose to walk on small paths through the dunes or along the waterline. Your destination could be the lighthouse which can be climbed in the summer season. From up there you will have a spectacular view on Fehmarn and the surrounding area.

To sum it up: suitable for families, relaxation; toilets, DLRG.

Wulfener Hals

The shape of this beach is special: it looks like the capital letter “L”. On the one side of this shape you have the open Baltic Sea, on the other side Burg Inland Lake. This beach is under lifeguard watch (DLRG). This and its shallow water make it an ideal place for families. Furthermore, there is a huge playground close to the beach and a beach volleyball field. There is also a very quiet so called FKK nudist beach between the dunes where you can go for a swim naked. The other part of the beach is greener and more natural – a great place for wind surfing and one of the best free-style areas in the North of Germany. Beginners find a wide area of shallow water and almost no disturbing waves. A rarity in the North of Germany and even in Europe!  You can, of course, also try out other water sports like stand-up paddling or sailing.

To sum it up: suitable for families, water sports, FKK nudist beach; shower; toilets; gastronomy; DLRG.

Strand Fehmarnsund

Strand Fehmarnsund Fehmarnsundbrücke Steine Seegras

The south coast of Fehmarn is well-known for its fine white sand, which you also find at the beach Fehmarnsund. However, this part of the coast is not as touristy as other parts. Seaweed, marram grass, and big boulders reaching into the sea. The background is formed by the Fehmarnsund Bridge. During the summer holidays this area may become crowded because of the camping site next door. Anyway, the beach offers enough space for privacy. The beach is divided into different sections: a natural beach at the bridge, an FFK nudist area followed by an area for boats and, finally, a bathing zone where dogs are banned. As wind and waves don´t allow for water sports here you may want to be drawn across the water in a banana boat or enjoy a trip by motor boat. Create your South Sea feeling sitting in a traditional beach chair with a cocktail.

To sum it up: suitable for relaxation, families, FKK nudists; shower; toilets; gastronomy; dogs.

Naturstrand Strukkamphuk

This small beach in the Southwest of Fehmarn is divided into three areas: an area for swimmers, a dog beach and a surfing area. The beach being a natural one you will find algae and a lot of grass. As there are no buildings you have the opportunity to walk along lovely scenery for miles. There is a restaurant and a small supermarket at the nearby camping site. Families with young children prefer this gently sloping beach because it is watched from morning until evening by lifeguard DLRG. The shallow water is very suitable for beginners of water sports. Here you can learn surfing and diving, sailing and swimming. Wind allowing, more advanced water sports addicts will find their challenges a bit further out at sea. Additionally, there is a volleyball field and a place to play boules.

To sum it up: suitable for water sports, families; gastronomy; lifeguard DLRG; dogs.

Strand Altenteil

This beach belongs to the village Altenteil situated in the Northwest of Fehmarn. It is a favourite spot for lovers of water sports because the strong wind creates best conditions for kite boarding and windsurfing – on a good day waves can be as high as 3.5m! The sandbanks prevent the breaking of the waves directly at the waterline, thus providing easy access into the water. The beach stretches for 3 km making it possible for everybody to find a quite space to relax. Because of its length FKK nudist bathing is also possible at this beach. Dogs are allowed too. If you feel hungry – there is a beach restaurant and a mini-supermarket nearby.

To sum it up: suitable for water sports; FKK nudist; gastronomy.

Strand Westermarkelsdorf

Close to the really small village Westermarkelsdorf in the west of Fehmarn you can find this unguarded natural beach. This beach is situated in the middle of a nature reserve. In order to get there one has to walk between dunes, fields and grazing sheep. You can spend a long day at this beach without paying for tickets. Even in the high season this beach is rarely visited. Its water is clear; however, don’t forget bathing shoes because this beach is stony. You may collect pebbles and shellfish and meet an occasional angler.

To sum it up:  suitable for relaxation.

Bojendorfer Strand

Bojendorfer Strand mit Ostsee 2019

The guarded beach Bojendorfer Strand at the west coast of Fehmarn id divided into three areas: the guarded beach, the FFK nudist area and the dog beach where you don´t have to put your dog on a leash. For this beach you need a valid ticket “Ostseecard” or you must buy a day ticket at the vending machine. As it is a guarded beach you have to expect ticket inspectors checking your beach ticket. For a day at the beach you should bring your own picnic box because there is no snack bar nearby. Although the beach consists of fine sand mixed with pebbles you better bring bathing shoes. The beach is pure nature with the odd remnants of algae which don´t bother the nature lover. Traditional beach chairs are available for rent and a beach volleyball field invites you to play. Furthermore, you can enjoy collecting beautiful pebbles and shells, or reading a book, or taking a long walk. It might be a bit more crowded in the high season but there is space enough for everybody.

To sum it up: suitable for relaxation, FFK nudists; traditional beach chairs: dog beach.

Strand Presen

There is an unguarded natural beach in Presen, .a little hamlet in the east of Fehmarn. As there are only pebbles on this beach you won´t be able to go anywhere without bathing shoes. However, you will not meet many people at this beach; hence, you will enjoy privacy and tranquillity. You will find nature at its best watching migrating birds stopover. As there are no car parks your best choice is coming here by bike.

To sum it up: suitable for relaxation.

Gammendorfer Strand

The beach Gammendorfer Strand is situated in the northern part of Fehmarn 9 km from Puttgarden and is part of the nature reserve Grüner Brink. Due to its length the beach offers a lot of privacy in quiet spots in the dunes. Even in the high season everybody may find their spot. Children will find easy access into the shallow water but bathing shoes are needed because it can be quite stony. To avoid this stony access simply use the little bridge to get into the water. There is no touristic infrastructure but you can go for wonderful walks, collect stones and shells, and relax. It is the ideal beach when you are seeking relaxation and recreation on Fehmarn. Actually, there are no beach chairs but the sand offers soft ground for you to lie down on your towel. For this beach you need the valid “Ostssecard” or a day ticket from the vending machine. Furthermore, you should bring your picnic for there is no gastronomy available.

To sum it up: suitable for relaxation.

Strand Katharinenhof

The beach Strand Katharinenhof is situated in the east of the island. It is 3 km long so you will easily find a spot where you can enjoy your privacy. Here you can sit in peace and relaxation with a wonderful view across the sea. Even in the high season there is enough space to lie down. There is no touristic infrastructure, nevertheless, you may go for lovely walks accompanied by your dog, listen to the sound of the waves, and collect stones and shells. Due to the big boulders reaching into the water this beach is not suitable for parents with young children. Anyway, wearing bathing shoes might help. All in all, the beach in Katharinenhof is a beauty spot where you can rest and enjoy nature´s beauty.

To sum it up: suitable for relaxation; toilet.


The beach Marienleuchte is situated in the northeast of the sunny island of Fehmarn near Puttgarden and offers calm and peace. The beach belongs to the lighthouse and is part of a small village. It is not signposted but you will easily find it by car. There is no touristic infrastructure but you can relax here, collect pebbles and shells, watch the waves and enjoy the scenery. From here you also have a magnificent view of the lighthouse, the surrounding fields and of a historic wind mill. This beach is a place made for romantic moments.  Dog owners love this beach because it offers an ideal length of 2 km for walking the dog. The beach consists of sand and stones, therefore, it is better to bring bathing shoes or tougher footwear.

To sum it up: suitable for relaxation; dog beach.

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