Spa holidays on Fehmarn

Relaxation all year round

On Fehmarn recreation and relaxation is being offered in every season of the year. Even a short spa weekend on Fehmarn harmonizes body and soul. Relaxing massages, a long walk along the beach or a complete day in the Spa FehMare – the Island of Fehmarn is simply perfect for all those who long for a break from their pressing everyday chores.

Enjoy the fresh air on the Island of Fehmarn

Whoever comes to Fehmarn normally starts their holiday with a short walk to the sea and the beach. You have an unlimited view across the sea, breath in the fresh air, and immediately feel relaxed. Enjoy the quietness walking along the beach and listen to the sound of the waves. Especially in the winter months beaches are never crowded and you can almost feel the solitude. The cool air is fresh and clean which helps the blood circulation and the respiratory system.

It doesn’t matter whether you go for a long walk or only just over the dyke for a quick look at the sea. If you are on the way the whole day you can easily follow the signposts to reach your destination. The island offers numerous tours for Nordic walking on the dykes or along the coastline. If you like to move a little quicker you can rent a bike. For maps, please, ask at the tourist information centres in Burgtiefe and Burg.

Spa FehMare

Copyright Fehmare

If you think the beach is too cold the warmth in FehMare .is just the right thing for you. You can fully relax in this world of Spa offers and take a time out from your everyday life. The small but nice fun indoor swimming pool offers a dreamy atmosphere in family-like surroundings. The absolute highlight is the view on the Baltic Sea through the big panorama windows or from the roof patio. There are various spa offers including sauna, massages, different styles of baths and cosmetic treatments.

You may use the different styles of sauna in the FehMare: mediation sauna, infusion sauna, panorama sauna, sanarium and steam baths. The guests choose according to what they like and which temperature they prefer. Especially worth going is the panorama sauna with 85 degrees and the outdoor sauna with 90 degrees Celsius from where you can have a fantastic view on the Baltic Sea. We recommend a relaxing visit to the sauna at sunset and you will forget all the stress you may normally be under immediately. In between the different sauna sessions you can listen to the calming sound of the open fireplace in the quiet room and enjoy the fantastic view on the sea with your feet put up. You could also go for a short walk onto the roof patio and relax with a view on the sea from above there.

If you want even more relaxation you could book a spa treatment with enjoyable massages, Thalasso treatment, classic massages as well as relaxing massages to loosen up any tension in your muscles. This can be followed by a refreshing skin treatment which you can choose from the extensive offers of Spa FehMare.

For the entrance fee into the sauna and spa world, and for the opening times, please, check their website,

Our special offer for you if you stay with us in the months of November and December: you will get one ticket for the FehMare indoor pool and spa for free!

Fehmarn – the Salt Island

If you want to find a place for recreation and relaxation on the island of Fehmarn the salt grotto is a very special spa offer.

Salzinsel Grotte Fehmarn

Copyright Salzinsel Grotte Fehmarn

Salt has been used for relaxation and regeneration for years. The salt grotto is furnished with several tonnes of crystalline salt blocks and salt from the Dead Sea. With about 60 percent humanity and a room temperature of between 18 to 21 degrees Celsius a unique indoor climate is being created and thus an oasis for relaxation.

The air is rich of valuable minerals and micro elements which are taken into your body with every breath you take, for example iodine, calcium, magnesia, potassium iron. These minerals get into your body with every breath you take and even through your skin and they help with different aches and pains. Treatments with brine, the watery solution of salts, have been used in medicine since ancient times and it still is an acknowledged supporting healing method all over the world. It can especially help in case of illness of the respiratory system, skin problems or a weak immune system.

Lying under a warm blanket on a rest bed and watching the colourful play of the crystals while listening to the quiet background music and to the soft sound of the water is relaxation in its purest form. Your breathing gets more and more intense and tensions in your muscles start to soften. You will forget all the everyday stress you suffer from here in the salt grotto and you will feel refreshed afterwards. This place is simply perfect for your health.

Treatments in the salt grotto always begin at the full hour and last 45 minutes. Special clothing is not required but you will be given protective shoes before you enter the salt grotto. Warm blankets are being provided.

The grotto is open on Tuesdays Wednesdays and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. The last treatment begins one hour before closing time. The entrance fee for adults is 12 €, for children under14 years it is €6 .To get your special appointment for a family treatment, please, book by telephone.

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